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Monday, August 8, 2011

Bagepalli – A gift indeed

The Romantic will always look at the bright side of life. Even in destruction, he will view future construction .

Last Thursday, while i was at office, I received an email from Aashaiyen Foundation asking me whether i wanted to participate in the “Gift your village” activity that Saturday. I quickly checked my schedule and saw that i had absolutely nothing planned for the weekend. Only involved in urban community development till then, this event posed as a refresher as it was located at Bagepalli, a village 88km from Bangalore. I figured out that I will be experiencing Karnataka’s raw culture and meeting a new sect of people who had a different outlook of life. So, thinking on these lines, I enrolled myself for the event and had a quick conversation over the phone with the organizer on the logistics and transportation.
The activity was planned for Saturday and I was told to arrive at Sivaji Nagar at 6AM  for helping out with the loading of the books that were to be distributed to the students in the village schools. However, I was able to make it only at 6:30AM and most of the loading was already done by the other volunteers. We had a quick round of introductions followed by which some of us went and parked our motorcycles at a nearby trustee’s house. We were all set to leave to Bagepalli by 7AM.
Morning time in Bangalore is always a visual treat ;the sky is a mild blue at that time and the dew drops that lay on the road and grass gives the landscape a contrasting hue. We savored the beauty for a short while, after which we embarked on our trip to Bagepalli via NH7. The national highway has its own share of stunning visuals and we were lucky to get some fantastic shots of Nandi hills and Skandagiri peak. We made quick time and reached the local coordinator’s house at Bagepalli by an hour and half. We got acquainted with him and came to know that he was a retired engineer who had worked abroad prior to retirement and had returned to his village after retirement to utilize his expertise and skills to develop the place. We were offered a breakfast of hot idlis and chutney, after which we drove to Penamale Higher School,which was a half-hour drive from there. As we were getting down from the Tempo-Traveler at the school, we heard cheering from a huge student crowd. I and the other volunteers saw around 250 students cheering and clapping at us – surprising as we were not expecting a welcome at all. After quick introductions with the village headman, we were directed to the makeshift dais, where we were made to sit along with the village headman and other important folk of the village. The faculty of Penamale Higher Secondary School honored us by presenting each one of us a fresh red rose picked from the garden. One of the volunteers had a Nikon SLR D3100 and we started clicking pictures of the students, the function and the rural environment. We heard several speeches made by faculties and by the headman on the importance of education and importance of outside involvement to develop the village’s standard of education. After hearing the speeches, we took over and started distributing the books to the students. We totally made a contribution of 1300 books to the Bagepalli village. After completing the distribution of books, we went for a stroll in the village. The village-folk were very hospitable and invited us to their households. After tasting few delicacies of the Karnataka-type village households and roaming through the village for a solid one-hour, we decided that it was time to leave back to Bangalore. So we bid adieu to the village children, who were following us, and returned back to the local coordinator’s house to drop him. We were about to say our goodbyes when the coordinator’s wife called us and requested us to have lunch with her and her husband. They threw us a mini-feast, in which we had a complete Karnataka-style lunch with sweets and kheer.

We bid byes to everyone there and started to Bangalore once again. The ride back was fun as we had gotten to know each other better. We played a few travel games and recounted our experiences of volunteering to each other. The trip was unforgettable to me as i not only enjoyed immersing myself in the Karnataka-style hospitality but also contributed to the rustic society. Hope to be back to the village to do further work with them..

Friday, February 12, 2010

Photographs (Essence of Time)

Disclaimer: I am sure that when you look at the photos,you wouldn’t have a single emotion in your mind. That is solely due to the fact that you were not a player in the game. If you notice however that you are a player in the game, then i am sorry to have put up your photo..


1.Personal Album

2.Any distant relative would do.. If you feel that you don’t understand yourself properly , that would do.

“A Photo has a lot in common to cotton string ; one leads to another and by the time you know it, a flurry of emotions and memories flood your mind”

Far from going out of fashion, the camera is not only getting more powerful but also being integrated into every other device that we use.The camera’s popularity is attributed to the perception that it is a memory-clincher, not a photo- clincher. These photos(memories) are all part of a bigger canvas called life that we have sewn together in our lifetime.Basically , we are all tailors in profession; here also we have good as well as bad tailors.

A photo of a bird in flight could be viewed as a natural beauty for a nature lover, freedom for the suppressed, or a Kingfisher for a teenager. What one perceives wouldn’t be perceivable for the other because of the way he has been exposed to.

 “Google and The Human Brain work in the same fashion. Any input you provide to your brain is run as a query and the relevant memories start flooding your brain”

Photos do pose some social problems too. I am sure those with large families have faced this problem before. Relatives that you meet once or twice in your lifetime start showing you their family albums and introduce you to each and every character in the album with such fine detail that you would be able to tell their entire horoscope when you are finished. Well, the time spent thus is(I am not a fan of calculations but this is for the left brain junkies out there..)

Number of such relatives *2*100*3

  • 2= Meeting such a relative twice, ie, if you are unlucky.
  • 100= Average no. of photographs per visit
  • 3= 3 minutes is the ideal time that is spent on each photograph. You try to rush it through but they too are the relentless type; the struggle eventually always ends up at 3 minutes..

 “I am a big fan of taking photos but am not the die-hard type to have a photo for every memory. Some memories are best played back in the mind”

  I am sure that you would be wondering why i have uploaded these photos, that's easy, these are the worst digital photos that could be uploaded online without getting marked off as vulgar by Google Crawler. Each photo captures the essence of the characters at that time and would be lively to do a comparison in a few years

Bye folks and thank you for patiently reading my entry..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

100% Natural

I have been in Karnataka for the past six months but it was just two weeks ago that i got the chance to explore this magnificent state. Having been in several uninteresting trips in other states of India, we had a ZERO expectation from this tour; that was the only disappointment for me in the entire tour.

“ The command that nature has over our heart is surprising, two completely contradicting forces created ; The calmness pervading in nature can be matched only by the turbulence pervading in our hearts ”

Two days of nature in December’s cold climate is a treat for everyone. My fruit of the basket would be Talacauvery and Madikeri. The beauty of the Coorg mountain was enhanced by the colorful girls who played and danced in the streams and dew-filled green meadows. The Talacavery is exceptionally beautiful in the early mornings as we get to see the revelry of the mist. In a couple of minutes, the mist brings about so many visionary changes to the landscape that it delights photographers and others equally. It covers all god’s creations with a translucent white blanket and even the most clouded of hearts obtains clarity for a couple of moments. As the mist fades from view, it regains form in our hearts allowing us to continue our mindless struggle

I shouldn’t forget the most sarcastically impressive place in the trip – Nagerhole National Park. No regrets on not being able to see many wild animals as we got to see a lot of domesticated wild animals( oxymoron is a must here). We got  to see a overly civilized kind of deer (breed i am unfamiliar with + photo added) which would eat chips and bajjis but wouldn’t accept grass or straw. There were other relatively wild deers and shy elephants that we encountered in our safari trip. They claim that there are panthers there and as i heard the standard answer as to when they saw them was 3 days ago.

Overall this trip was excellent and is a must go for everyone who has a weekend and a 1500 rupees to spare. I hope our guide is the permanent guide of this trip as he had a soothing voice and an amazing vocabulary of some language he spoke ( I think he mentioned Welcome and Ladies and Gentlemen somewhere in his loquacious speech)

Trip Details


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dreams on fire 24x7

There is a stark difference in me in the past few months. I cannot discern what the change is but i can feel it within me. I feel that i have to delve deeper into myself so that i can find out the reason.

I stood thinking for a while and then stopped standing and took a seat. After some time , I felt sitting doesn’t stimulate my brain and took out my headsets and put some Hip-hop music(don remember the name) and lying down started to think about this topic at hand. I thought about it for a maximum of two seconds and switched my brain on to several other topics that usually fill up any youth. Thinking on such lines, I started delving deeper into the realms that i didn’t want to permeate but was forced to as i fell deeper into it.

Jerking off, I again steadied myself and called on to say that i had a task at hand and shouldn’t stop at any chance. I started thinking about the topic of the change and the dreams started off once again. There she was standing , in a pleasant day with sunshine pouring over her. Yes, Indeed, she was a splendid sight. Dressed in Orange and Black, there she stood ready to go. I felt that i was the luckiest man on the world for getting her. I mean how many people dream about her every day and night but here i was holding my palms over her.

It was exactly three months since i met her and decided at that moment she was mine to take home. However, she was adamant on staying there for a few more days before coming with me. I just love my new bike Apache RTR FI 160.

I bought the bike three months ago . I decided on my first try itself that she was perfect for me and was what i wanted. I had to consider the fact that i had to shell out 70K for this beauty, but who would go for the beast when you had such a beauty. I bought it 2 days later and after another couple of days, she was officially mine(registered in my name). I have already crossed the 1800km mark and she was been relentless in her delivery till date( lets keep our fingers crossed).

I have this peculiar habit that whenever i have a experience, i like to share it with the sea. As it is generally possible due to proximity of the sea from my house, I took her for a spin and showed her off to the envious public. I took her down the ECR and completely forgot about the rest of the world . At that moment, it was only me and her. I was in cloud 9. This feeling of ecstasy was short-lived as i had to come back by an hour.

On a fine tuesday morning , I lay fidgeting in my bed thinking of what kind of atrocities they were committing against her. Powerful she was, yet beastly they were. I decided that the tension was too much to bear and called up the beasts on what was her status and they said she was finally there. Happy with the news, I took a bus to KPN Travels and awaited her arrival. On the back of the truck, I saw her tied and gagged up. Worrying about the safety of her vital parts, I checked her over. Happy with the results, I paid the guys for transportation from Chennai to Bangalore.

Her first service is over now and it would be due in a month for her second service. We have had a rollicking time till date. She is a wonderful social animal, I must accept. She creates the most wierdes

t situations for the owner. If some stranger approaches her, she knows that her owner will look after her and would sit smilingly and there would be one fuming owner censuring some poor chap who just came to have his hair duo checked. However, she completely believes her owner’s judgment and loves the people he does.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Drive Bangalore Weekend What Masti?

Today was a no fun day as i was to be in office for support. I went to office as early as 10:30 and found the entire floor to be empty. Being a bit sad about the prospect of being alone in the entire floor, I switched on my music player and started listening to songs while the computer was booting. However, It still hasn't stopped playing. I saw my mails and found that there wasn't much for me to do today except being physically present till 7pm. I started whiling my time by going through social networking sites in succession and chatted with a few friends. However, time decided to slow down and i had no company after about 1pm. I kept saying "Madhavan, you can do it !! you can sit through like a vegetable through the day" and motivated myself for the inevitable. Five minutes had passed since then and i started playing with the sensor lights that illuminate our floor. IBM had devised sensors near the lights so that if there was no activity near them, they would switch off. These switches were effective and would switch off only when there was no activity in the cabin, thats the success scenario. However, when there was a less number of people in the office, the switches would automatically switch off since there wasn't enough activity; How much activity can a software guy do.. besides typing on the computer. All this took me to 2pm and that was when i decided that i wanted to go out.

I took my bike at 2 and started towards an unknown destination. I started off towards Murigeshpalya because it had less traffic in afternoons. The weather was good with the sunlight filtering through the clouds and descending on us mildly. Of course, i am used to Chennai and Madurai heat but I never enjoyed them really. I wasn't guided by anything other than instinct and took it straight to HAL. The road was simply awesome with trees enveloping either sides of the road. There wasn't much traffic and i was able to cruise without too many brakings till Marathalli. I didn't want to venture into Marathalli as i knew about the bad road there and traffic . I defintely wanted to move to outer ring road but was reluctant to do so because i had to be back at office. I returned through the same road ( A distance of some 35km was travelled on that road today) and wanted to check out a few more areas. My office, being in Domlur, I was familiar with the adjacent areas except proper Domlur layout. So, for the first time with a definite plan, I guided us to Domlur layout. It was a fine place to live in as there was all a bachelor would want adjacent to your home. Guessing the general direction of my office, I went that way and got into slums and all kind of roads thinking i was on the verge of discovering the shortcut. I definitely did find the shortcut , but not to Domlur but to MG Road. I saww the road just travelled and saw my speedometer. I was approximately 20km away from my office now and was deciding on what to say if my team lead had called. I came back to office in half an hour and came up to my seat. Seeing that no one had even tried to call me, I pondered whether it was time for lunch. Lunch and blogging, that brings me to this time.

I have to leave in 10 minutes after handoff to my US manager .After that, its Pizza Hut with the guys followed by events that i cannot predict.