Monday, November 30, 2009

Google Knowledge Life Power

It has been only a couple of days, that too a weekend, since i came to office. Yet,It seems like an eternity. I was googling through some articles today and i came across an executive summary of Louis Gerstner's Who says Elephants cant dance? . I had recently heard about the book and wanting to know more about my company,i started off with this summary.

Reading through the pages, I was shocked to see how so less number of pages could hold such great a wisdom. I came to a conclusion from the script that people had been exaggerating a lot. I definitely do not mean Louis here but the people who claim Louis to be a god. Indeed he is one for resurrecting IBM but reading thorough his accounts , you come to a conclusion that he is more human than some of his compatriots and has also been bold enough to open up his fears, focuses and experience with everyone. That was not all that was revealed in this book, there was a deep secret that had been underlying beneath the printed alphabets . This secret known to few, was practiced unknowingly for centuries.

The secret though practiced was not written down to my knowledge... So,remember that you heard it here first.

History has a way of recording events , call it luck, call it chance or call it destiny; It has not always been the most powerful who has been the most successful, it is the lucky ones who have claimed destiny's cup of life... Why do you think monarchs of old used to record their events in stones and rocks. They wanted their records to be passed safely down the generations. It has always been known that knowledge is power .It could very well be that we are revering the world's biggest loser as the mightiest god of all. Chance and destiny allowed this person's events alone to pass the trial of time and reach his successors. We also know that history has a habit of re-inventing itself.The Hero whom you revere today can be dethroned tomorrow. It happens often too.History also metaphorically keeps correcting itself , but for all you know,it could keep getting it wrong.

I know you are all wondering how Louis Gerstner came into this picture. There is only one law and that is "He who makes others know that he knows is He". You could have the biggest gun in the world but unless you blurt it out, no one would know that.. Louis Gerstner was not the reason for the kings to record the events nor was it the reason for them to become a revered god, It was the ever consuming power of communication and chance that had brought them to this position. What i am trying to say is that, a simple human being can become a god if he has destiny written in him.Louis Gerstner may have made it big at IBM but thousands of years down the line, IBM could very well be misinterpreted to be a country or a culture (It is a culture) and although great people have slogged much harder than this fellow, he could very well be the revered one..

Another truly interesting class of people are the politicians. They are the people who effectively utilize the various forms of communications available. Whether it is the jan yatra or blogging, they do it for the people..Could this be the elusive quote Democracy,for the people.... Have you ever wondered why politicians never officially write down their political goals for a term.. By doing so, they commit themselves for it. Aren't we forced to read self-improvement books like Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective people. Shouldn't some of the training be provided to them prior to assuming such powerful influential roles. After all, the image of the country is in the hand of these few people . For this sake alone, I simply love the Jaago re ads . They might be using this sentiment selfishly to promote their product and i totally acknowledge it. Instead of using beautiful women to promote their product, using things which could educate the people is an avenue which is worth it. The Jaago re ads have created a stimulation (using this word coz it actually creates a stimulus whenever you see the ad) that has poked the guilty nerve of every Indian. The Politician ad is exceptionally good because of the powerful message it transmits. After all, nowadays politicians only come up onstage and talk about the positive things that have occurred during their term( adding the effects that would occur naturally.. like in 9 we have successfully reduced birth rate by 0.001% , he himself not contributing to it at all), demeaning the opposition and about what they would do the next term. Why not write it down somewhere official and have people feedback it during the course of their term. An official study can show the effectiveness of the politicians. There are so many management principles that HAD revolutionized the world, but somehow India remains non-aligned in that too . Their life happily spent on public money because their father was a national leader and as if they are worth it, they come up with a book of their life reiterating the facts that have made him a bodyless head.
Louis Gerstner, I salute you for spinning inside me such opinions that i thought i had never had before..Chow !!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Madhavan R Sriram

I have developed a new fascination over my middle name.. I dont know why but ever since it appeared on my profile page at office, i got a fascination of using it as it is.. Well, now that i have cleared it to all that this is the same old Madhavan you know and this is a public blog, you can enter with all the calculated risk.. Well for the others, there isn much for me to say.. coz you are gonna understand how difficult and crappy my writing is..btw i have an aspiration of becoming a writer.. so if you like it please comment below so that i can mail you back saying you have excellent taste and will go a great way in life..I will be using these short forms as much as i can coz i hate the backspace key and a hundred other keys in the keyboard..but definitely the backspace is the worst... I mean,, who would like to take their smallest finger and cover the largest distance diagnolly across the keyboard so that you can not add but delete what you wanted to say !! God save the people... :)

Well thats my first blog entry in this new blog of mine and i just wanted to thank you for skipping this blog on the way to the next..
TC for now..