Monday, June 23, 2008

Sony Ericsson W580I

SE has launched a wonderful and trendy mobile for a price of around Rs 10000. The Sony Ericsson W580i has swept the mobile phone market and is the main contender for the MotoRokr E6. The W580i has certain added advantages over the E6 but is out performed in certain functionalities. The E6 was reviewed in my previous posting . The W580i has a wonderful 2MP camera which is quite better than E6, even though it also doesnt have any auto focus.The W580i is also a moddable cellphone. Its already captivating looks can be modified to make it look heavenly and out of the world.
Modding can be done by the use of Phone XS++ or Far Manager wits its SE Flash Plugin. I have personally used the XS++ software and is very easy to use. Beginners are requested to start with the FSK module and then move on to the flashing as the latter one has the capability to brick your cellphone.I will be also writing a post on modding of SE and motorokr cellphones later on.
The W580i has good soung quality and is a true Walkman series phone. The looks score 100%. The phone is a bit on the frailer side, even though it is even stronger than its predecessor, the W580. The phone is really excellent and is worth every penny.

Note: Please Read the Instructions before modding any mobile phone as bricking may occur. I am in no way responsible for any problem in your mobile phone. For more details, visit SE-NSE Forums.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The MotoRokr E6

Motorola released the E6 in its prime Motorokr series. The E6 has outdone its sales expectation and is bidded to be the best phone in its range. Priced at about Rs 10000, the Motorokr E6 is a wonderful buy. The important features are the availability of a large screen with a nice sensitive touch screen. This phone is a pure business phone which has a superb PDF and DOC reading capability that can prove extremely useful for working professionals and students.Apart from this, a premium edition of the E6 involves a stereo bluetooth headset or a snoop device which is both trendy to look at as well as effective for listening to music.
The Motorokr E6 is to be suceeded by the E8 which has wonderful touch sensitive pads and haptics enableed screen,ie,a response is given back ,like a vibration or so, to the user that a key has been pressed. The best thing about the motorokr E6 is the fact that it can be easily modded.The modded phone can then incorporate several new applications and themes that can transform the cellphone to the user's taste.
Now for some more information about the Rokr E6, it is based on Monte vista Linux. The modding can be done through several methods, which are explained effectively and clearly in or
It has a 2 MP camera which offers high class photos and videos.Its a pity there isnt any auto focus available. The speaker sound and the phone speed can be increased by certain mod packages available. The MotoRokr E6 is a wonderful phone and let us just hope that Motorola comes back to its feet to produce many more phones of such calibre..